Review: MAAP Team Bidon

This isn’t just any water bottle, it’s the MAAP Team Bidon. Bidon is just a fancy, European word for bottle. It’s a vessel to carry fluids. That’s all. Why am I reviewing it? Because it’s just slightly better than all other bottles I have ever used. And it comes in pink.

The MAAP Team bottle (I refuse to call it a bidon from here on out) is pretty standard: food approved, recyclable, free of BPA and all phthalates, dishwasher safe. It is made in the Netherlands and only comes in one size – 500mL (or 16.9oz.). I like the small-ish size. I use it on shorter rides, cooler days, or as my secondary bottle in the rear cage. The lid is actually what sets it apart for me. The leak proof spout just seems to work so much smoother than any standard bidon, er, bottle. As soon as a sip is finished, the spout slides in about 50% locked. It’s perfect. It won’t spill that way, and when riding, you don’t have to worry about closing it. How nice is that?


Now I know this auto-lock feature is pretty trivial and you are probably still wondering why anyone would even bother reviewing it. Well because it sets itself apart! When a water bottle works this smoothly and encourages me to write a review, that is saying something. Also, as previously mentioned, it comes in pink.  Come on, guys. Get the pink bottle.


** MAAP also makes some seriously high-quality cycling apparel.  It’s all a bit pricey – and then you have to pay shipping from Australia.  But MAAP socks are some of the best around.  They are a lot like my favorite brand Swiftwick with a bit more style.  So if you can swallow the shipping cost ($21), I think you will be happy with your MAAP stuff. G’day.



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